Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Grandma's house! It was nice to visit both Grandma's this month! My dad, Grandpa flew out to help me drive out to Utah. He flew in Thursday afternoon and was back at his home Friday afternoon..a quick trip. It sure was nice of him to fly out to help me. I always love having the one on one time with him, finding more about what life was like for him and learning from his wealth of knowledge.
The boys were excited to make it to Grandma's and play outside in the nice cool weather. It was beautiful there!

Ensign peak! Most of the week was spent getting things done around the house and then having Alden and Calvin take the SAT at Mom's school. They even attended school for a couple of days. So Wednesday morning I decided it'd be nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I headed up to Ensign peak... when we got there people were getting their camel packs on, sunscreen, and they were all in hiking attire. I started wondering if maybe I was getting over my head. After all it was just me with 4 young boys and one small water bottle and no sunscreen. I told them that maybe we'd only hike part way... but they did great and it wasn't too difficult of a hike. We all enjoyed being at the top together looking out over the valley!

Towards the end of our stay we camped out in the back yard. We all had fun camping out in the yard. It was the perfect temperature!

The boys went on lots of wagon rides, taking turns pulling each other.

Family reunion! It was neat being all together under one roof! Everything went really smoothly and we're excited to do it again next year!

Mother's Day!

We made it home from our trip just in time for Mother's Day.  It was a nice relaxing day with all of my boys taking care of me. Michael and the boys got me a table with chairs and umbrella to have out by the pool.  Now was the perfect time to get it and have it up for the summer swimming!

Playing with blocks!

South Carolina

All packed and ready to go.  Our flight left in the afternoon which was nice because we had all morning to get ready to go and clean up the house.  I was even able to seal the whole kitchen floor before we left. Which was great!
On the airplane! It was a long flight but these boys did really well!

This was the car ride to the airport..we were worried because Benson had a rough start but he calmed down and did great at the airport and on the airplane.

Grandma's house! We were all really excited when we made it to Grandma and Grandpa's home. We all enjoyed relaxing, playing , and spending time together. All the boys were playing together when  I snapped this.

We went to the museum while we were there.  It was a nice museum and fun to learn more about the area.
Michael and I got a nice date out together!

Aunt Christine's home, the boys loved being able to play with cousins! Alden especially loved having so many people to play soccer with! We had some good soccer games! Evan, Benson and Calvin enjoyed the swing set and other toys.

After Christine's we went to the beach to see Aunt Rebecca...I am sure that I have pictures somewhere but for now I will just make sure to write in that we went and had a great time! The boys loved playing in the ocean, it was a nice beach trip. On the way home from Rebecca's we went to the swamp and that was a neat experience...lots of mosquitoes, some lizards, and some snakes...and lots of swamp! :)

Overall it was a great trip, everything couldn't have been better, our flights went smoothly and everything just worked out well.  I flew home with the boys while Michael drove on to Texas with his parents to go see David graduate. At first I was a little concerned flying with everyone all by myself, but the boys were great and things couldn't have gone more smoothly.  We actually just made the flight because of being held up in security for so long...long line, then they had to check our bags because of the pinewood derbies that were in them.  We made the flight just in time which meant less time sitting on the plane, once one the plane took off not long after so Evan fell asleep for the first hour or so and then was happy for the last couple of hours.

End of preschool!

First year of preschool completed!
Benson has loved preschool this year which has made it enjoyable for me as well. I love teaching preschool and love all the kids that come but my little guys are the reason behind it all! I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for having them right there by my side experiencing all of the fun with me!

National Wildlife Museum

This year we decided to get a pass to the national Wildlife Museum. The boys had a great time at our visit and I'm sure we'll go again sometime!

Little Evan was super cute playing the lion. I was surprised that he could stand up all by himself back there!

This was our Easter craft. Benson and Calvin loved being bunnies for the day.

Saturday Easter egg hunt. I always put carrots, rasins, money, and chocolate chips in our eggs.. usually​ in different eggs this year put the carrots with other​ things. It wasn't a good idea made the carrots discolor... reminder for future Easter egg hunts put the carrots in their own eggs!