Thursday, May 4, 2017

Evan turns 1

 Evan is our sweet little sunshine that brightens the day for all of us. Alden, Calvin and Benson still come running in to see him in the mornings.
Evan has now mastered going down the stairs! He loves looking at story books and will often be found looking at them. He loves playing on the piano. Loves playing outside and seems to even love eating everything out there most especially the dirt. :) He loves putting anything and everything in his mouth. Loves snuggles, peek-a-boo, playing with his brothers, and crawling around.
He is very close to walking but prefers to crawl, which I love. I love the crawling stage. How we love our sweet little Evan and his happy easy going manner!

On Evan's birthday we were all just getting over a bad cold. We felt bad that he wasn't​feeling well this day, but even not feeling well he sure was a happy birthday boy! He loved his melon cake!

Friday, March 24, 2017

End of February and the start of March (spring)

 For a while everyone was big into building..Well they are always big into building but since the move they are always outside. For one random week they were back into building with blocks and cars. Here is one of Calvin's creations!
 Michael is great at picking out flowers! These were my Valentine flowers, the lilies opened like this about a week after Valentine's which made it seem as though I had a whole new bouquet of flowers all over again!
 My cute little guy in his new Sunday clothes! Evan really is such a sweet little boy who always makes me smile!!

 Benson got these for Valentine's day from one of the preschool kids. He loved wearing them around.... Almost as much as he likes wearing his 👑 crown. He's our little prince.
 This is us down south visiting Tubach

 In the end of February we got to have Grandma and Grandpa come visit. They helped us finish up some projects and helped me celebrate my birthday! It was great having them here!

 Michael and I got to go out for a nice dinner, we took this little guy along so that we didn't have to rush home. I thought he looked so cute sitting at our table that I had to take a picture!
 Tah Dah it's finished and really completes our family room. This is the TV stand that we have (mostly Michael) been working on.
 As part of my birthday when Grandma and Grandpa were here they bought me these beautiful blue pots. And inside is the start of my herb garden!
 We also got this swing up while they were here.

 Swimming!!! March has had a number of warm days which has meant that we've been doing some chili swims! (Warm weather but the pool is still a little bit cool.)

 Cousins!!! It was a fun treat and surprise to have the cousins come for a couple of days. They played Legos, bocci ball, many other things, had a mini piano recital, watched Donald duck, went swimming and overall just had a great time. We sure love it when they come!!


Still working on the t.v. stand but almost done.

Now isn't this a handsome bunch!!!
We all went and saw Charlie Brown together.

Benson and I got to spend lots of time walking, playing, reading together while Alden and Calvin had lacrosse practice.  Benson would often find a rock to sit on and then would say, "How bout you take my picture." 
New Sunday clothes

Alden and Calvin in all of their lacrosse gear. I feel as though they are pretty safe out there wearing all of the gear that they do.  It has been fun to try out a new sport this season.

Sabino Canyon with Grandma and Grandpa.  It sure was a treat to have Grandma and Grandpa here with us in February. We enjoyed getting things done around our house, reading lots of stories, and just being together. We also enjoyed riding the tram in Sabino Canyon it was beautiful.

Projects and other fun January activities

We wanted to do at least something kind of fun when Andrew was here so we decided to take him to Oregon stop pizza! It was fun to have some pizza, hear the beautiful music, and see all of the instruments playing!
For Christmas we got this game of bocci ball. The boys enjoy going out and playing it all together.

This is a park not far from our new home that we road our bikes/ walked to. It's been nice to explore and get to know the area a little better.

The boys got the net for our basket ball hoop from Grandma and Grandpa, so they now enjoy going out and playing ball!
Planting our first tree in our yard!! A friend gave us this orange tree so we stuck it in the ground and now it is full of blossoms.  It is one of many we plan to plant!!

Above is the boys seeing the horses at the library.
Evan is really getting around now. He can climb up the steps, pull up on things, and is a speedy little crawler.  We sure love this sweet little guy!

Enjoying the nice cool January weather at the park.  Evan loves the swings and so does Benson once you convince him to try them out. I love swinging Benson because he always screams half in fear, half in pure joy and excitement!
During the month of January we had a couple of these trips to Lowes. The boys got used to riding these cars in the shopping carts. 
I love Evan's expressions always, but they are usually hard to catch, hear we were able to catch a couple of his great expressions!

Can you see those cut little teeth in there?

Outside in the shed with Dad working on our T.V. stand. This was quite the project and took many a nights and Michael's days off.  It was well worth the work to have such a nice piece of furniture that was made completely by all of us! (Mostly by Michael though.)
Alden spent a good amount of time out there working with Dad on it and did a lot of sanding as well. It is always nice when you have such a fun project to work on. :)