Thursday, May 31, 2018


Since we have moved into our home we have done a number of projects.  It has been fun making and creating to make our house ours! These are all pictures I took quickly one day because I really wanted to put all of these projects up of all the things we have done in the space of a year. (Some I never did get around to taking a picture but will just write about those projects.)
Our mirror! We've had this mirror for a number of months and Michael and I have had many a debate about whether to keep it and how to hang/ frame it.  It was a mirror that a friend was getting rid of when she moved and I took it because I have always wanted a full length mirror. (We had a cheap one from walmart once but it broke after having it for about a year.) We debated over the size and wether to have it hung on the wall or have it sit on the floor. (I don't like mirrors on the floor.) Anyways we finally framed it and have it right up against the wall which is perfect! I think it is pretty wonderful having differences of opinions because when you talk it through you end up coming up with the best of both worlds and can end up being better than what either of the two opinions were on their own.
Sandbox! We've had one of those plastic sandboxes with a lid but it would often be open and then get full of water making a mess. My Mom had been to a friend's house where they had one of these sanboxes and then I saw one at a friend's house and decided it would be nice. So a few weeks before Roslyn came we set to work to make it. It was a fun project to do with my boys and I love how it looks in our yard!

Hall closet! This was one of the biggest projects we undertook. One day I was sitting looking at our stairs and realized that we did not have access to the space under the steps! That would be a big amount of storage space, so we broke down a wall, cleaned out the area, sheatrocked, painted, and carpeted. We now have a large closet that holds food storage and all of the boys toys. Sometimes the boys even play in there making it a little toy room!

Bedroom closet and school room closet-We still need to organize this closet but I wanted to take the picture anyways. Michael and I have never had a dresser, except for a little while in our last place. (I had wanted one for some time and our neighbors at the time had one for sale for $5 so I got it.) As you can imagine a $5 dresser wasn't the best so we got rid of it when we moved. I decided that no dresser was better than a broken dresser. Since then I have looked at a couple on crCraigsli but never really found one liked. Finally decided that I did not want a dresser but shelves to put baskets on to hold our clothes. So this project was simply putting in shelves and painting. We also added shelves in our school room closet. I love our shelves. It works perfectly and I don't have to have a dresser taking up space!

Our clock! We've wondered and debated as to what to put over our fireplace. We finally decided on a clock but never found one we loved so we decided to make our own, that way it would have more meaning. Michael put it together and I painted on the numbers.

TV stand- This one also took us a while. It was one of our first projects here. Michael did most of this one and he did a great job!

Our wall in our bedroom- I've wanted to have some sort of timeline showing what we've done and how our family has grown and changed and I finally got it up.

Garden- We've done a couple of gardens now we have one with a small fence around it to keep the squirrels out and it's finally producing something which has been fun.

Fruit trees- We have planted three apple trees, one peach, one orange, and one graitfruit tree.

Another big project but doesn't really count is figuring out how to take care of a pool and hot tub.

Those have been our biggest projects since being here, we have loved learning and working together!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Alden finished reading the Book of Mormon the end of the year.  We told him that when he finished reading the Book of Mormon that we would go to Peter Piper Pizza and let him have $5 to spend on games or rides.  Him and Calvin rode the roller coaster that they have now and we all rode on the marry go round.  We ate pizza and Alden used $2.50 on games and decided to save the other half.  Alden really is a hard worker and accomplishes anything he puts his mind too. We are grateful for him and all that he does! Fun to have a day to be together and celebrate his diligence.

Evan and Benson have become best little buds.  They will go and play together for hours.  After a while I will wonder where they are and go find them happily playing together.  They are both sweet little boys!

Evan likes shoes.  He is always excited to get his shoes on.  The other day he put Michael's shoes on and wore them around for a while.  I was surprised he could keep them on for more than a second.

Alden made this game for Michael's birthday.  He worked really hard on it, making boxes for all the places and on all of the money and other things in this game.  It is basically the game of hotels.  Michael had said that it was one of his favorite games growing up so Alden spent months preparing and making this with things he found around the house and some things that he bought at the store-the poster board. It was a really thoughtful gift!

Pinewood Derby! This was Alden's first pinewood derby, he and Michael did a good job putting the car together and the race went really well. We were quite a bit under wait, so next year we are thinking we will find a better way of weighing our car but it was a fun day for him and all of our family.

Tohano Chul Park- We got some passes from the library and decided to go to these gardens.  We enjoyed walking around the gardens, playing in the kid water area, and learning a couple of new things.
My cute back-pack boys! On preschool days everyone gets to have a snack in their back-pack. They all love this but it has been fun to see how excited Evan gets.  When I mention that I am getting snacks ready, he runs to go get his back-pack, excitedly waits as I put in his snack, and then wants his backpack to be put on.  He comes in and out of preschool all morning but excitedly joins at recess time and then runs in for his seat for snack time.  He's gotten those two parts of preschool figured out really well and loves to be a part of them!

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Alden finished up soccer towards the beginning of December and then we celebrated Michael's birthday!
Tara Christmas PJ's! It was so fun to have four little elfs this year at our home.  These boys love their Christmas jamas and look forward to the night that they get to open them up and then sleep under the Christmas tree.

Since we have moved into our home we have done a number of projects that have taken us to to Lowes or Home Depot.  The boys enjoy riding in these car carts when we go.

Visiting Santa at the Wildlife Museum.  The Wildlife Museum did a fun Christmas activity with crafts, games and Santa.  It was a fun night for all.  (Michael finally made it to the wildlife museum, we have gone a number of times but he hadn't been able to go before.)

The last couple of years Andrew has come to spend Christmas with us.  We always enjoy having him come!

Christmas Dinner

Finally Finishing the closet!

Hiking in Catalina State Park.  It was a nice but warm hike...for being as cold as it has been we weren't thinking it would get as warm as it did but it was still a nice hike.  Michael held both Evan and Benson a lot of the time.  He was being our super man!

Playing at the park! Where Alden and Calvin have there soccer practice there isn't a play ground so Evan and Benson have found other play equipment.  This table has a little hole under it where they pass dirt back and forth.  It is fun to see them play together.  They really have become best buds!